About the Publisher


John D. Maiers is an attorney and former economist.  He holds three degrees from Georgetown University: a law degree (J.D.,1974), a graduate tax degree (M.L.T.,1981), and a master's degree from the School of Foreign Service (M.S.F.S.,1970).  His undergraduate degree is from St. Mary's University (Minnesota) summa cum laude, 1968 with a major in economics.

Prior to practicing law in Washington, DC and Atlanta, Mr. Maiers was an international economist with the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Foreign Service in Paris.  In his law practice he developed an understanding and insight about the financial reporting of public companies.  With the availability of computing power and the Internet, Mr. Maiers seized the opportunity to develop user-friendly, affordable stock valuation tools for the self-directed investor.  The Value Investing Model and Stock Picks List are the cumulative result of his efforts to develop these tools.

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