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  we tell you when to sell or hold each stock that we told you to buy
  low portfolio turnover - holding period of stock picks is average 2+ years
  conservative risk profile - each pick had 7+ years positive earnings growth
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Market Averages
as of
Sep 30, 2022
Current Year -22.4% -24.8% -32.4% -21.0%
2020-21 Past 7 Quarters +14.2% -4.5% -17.9% -6.1%
2019-21 3 Years +122% +90% +136% +56%
2017-21 5 Years +202% +113% +191% +84%
2012-21  10 Years +516% +279% +500% +197%
1995-2022 History of the List +16001% +681% +1306% +649%

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Number of "buy" and "hold" stocks on the 3Q2022 quarterly Stock Picks List 59
Number of turnover stocks from the 3Q2022 quarterly List that appear as "sell" recommendations on 4Q2022 quarterly List -6
Number of "buy" and "hold" stocks carried over from the 3Q2022 quarterly List 53
Number of new "buy" stocks added +3
Number of deferred-purchase stocks added 0
Total number of "buy" and "hold" stock on the 4Q2022 quarterly Stock Picks List 56
Number of special alerts deleting a stock by changing a buy or hold recommendation to a sell recommendation during 4Q2022 0
Total number of "buy" and "hold" stocks on the updated 4Q2022 quarterly Stock Picks List 56
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Value Investing Model is your window to the powerful formulas and results of our Value Investing Model.  This Website publishes the Model's latest version of the Stock Picks List so that you can mimic the stock picks of the Model and have the same outstanding results.

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Past performance does not guarantee future results.  But, consistent use of the Stock Picks List can assure that your stock portfolio's performance will be statistically comparable to the Model's.

Subscription - Free Trial

We will give you the Stock Picks List absolutely free for two quarters, so that you can see how easy it is to pick winning stocks.  After that, no contract or subscription obligation, just $19.95 per quarter to continue to download the updated List during the next or any later quarter.

Based on the Model's active screening of over 2,000 NYSE companies, the Stock Picks List reduces your decision-making to a select list of undervalued stocks, each with a buy, hold or sell recommendation.

Add your own expertise and insights for even better results.  In addition to the buy, hold and sell recommendations, each Stock Picks List includes valuable stock-picking tools to help you analyze and pick from stocks from the List:

      summary data values for each stock's trend, history, stability and upside price potential, as measured by the Model
      graphs showing each company's past price and earnings trends, profit margin, and price-earnings history
      hyperlinks to websites of companies on the List.

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